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Early Partnership Program

by National Unity Government of Myanmar

Real Estate

Prime locations in Yangon, Mandalay & Nay Pyi Taw.


Suitable for Grade A, large-scale mixed use developments or multi-purpose usage projects.

We welcome International developers, local conglomerates and joint venture organizations.

Green Balconies
Flyover Bridges


Government-funded infrastructure projects supported by multilateral organizations.

Tourism related infrastructure projects with focus on job creation and foreign currency revenue.

Logistics and transportation hubs to support trade and import/export growth.

Cross-border free trade zone infrastructure to support growing trade volume with neighboring countries.  

Financial Services

Casino license in Yangon, Mandalay & border locations with 10-year non-compete clause.


Electronic lottery license and physical outlets/distribution license.


Licenses for commercial banks, consumer banks, mobile banks, and other payment services. 


Licenses for various categories of insurance products and services.


Crypto exchange, crypto payment, digital wallet products and services licenses.

Modern Building
Satelite Dish


Mobile telecommunication licenses.

Network/cable/broadband/internet services licenses.

Media and broadcast licenses.

Telecommunication infrastructure and services licenses, including telecom towers, undersea cable, inter-region cable. 


Manufacturing hub for garment export sector including support infrastructure development.

Agriculture product processing, packaging and export related infrastructure development.

Manufacturing hubs to be developed and managed by overseas business associations, organizations or government-supported groups to support the job creation and economic growth of Myanmar. 

Industrial Tanks
Ruby, Jade & Precious Stones

Exploration and mining rights for ruby, jade and other precious stones in world-renowned Mogok and Phakant regions.

Private-Public Partnership for sustainability.

Long-term benefit for the Investor while local population will also benefit from direct investment and development in the region.


Customizable Partnership options for interested parties. 


About Us

Early Partnership Program

Early Partnership Program is an initiative of the Ministry of Planning, Finance and Investment of National Unity Government of Myanmar. The objective of this program is to help fast-track the redevelopment of Myanmar through job creation and strategic economic growth initiatives. We welcome various local and overseas individuals and organizations during this revolution period to select the opportunities of interest, to negotiate and agree terms and conditions for these future investments, and finally to commit through a signing fee -- a risk-adjusted percentage of the overall investment amount.


Signing fee received by the National Unity Government from the participants of Early Partnership Program will help fund not only the revolution but also support the ongoing health and humanitarian crisis in Myanmar.







Year Revolution Started

Expected Year of Project Implementation

Available Opportunities

Partners Programs

Signature Minister.png

Tin Tun Naing

Union Minister

Ministry of Planning, Finance & Investment


A wide range of opportunities are on offer

Attractive opportunities with a minimum amount of signing on fee to help minimize risk to our partners are on offer as part of Early Partnership Program.

Real estate development, infrastructure development, financial services licenses, telecommunication licenses, manufacturing and logistics hub development, and much more are on offer at attractive terms. 

This is the best time to establish long-term partnership with over 50 million citizens of Myanmar represented by the National Unity Government through participation in the financially beneficial Early Partnership Program.

Real Estate Development

Tourism Development

Infrastructure Construction

Financial Services




Ruby, Jade & Precious Stones

Partner Programs

Programs under the Ministry of Planning, Finance & Investment

1. Bond Sale

2. Tax Collection

3. Spring Lottery

4. End of Dictatorship: share sales

5. Spring Yangon Investment

6. Spring Mandalay Investment     

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